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Side by side comparison of Norton antivirus and Avast antivirus

There are a number of malicious programs out there in the market that is why one needs an antivirus program to protect a computer from such malicious programs which can harm your data. You might be aware of the loss which can cause by malicious programs into your computer. If not then have a look at these.

These malicious programs can steal and misuse your data, can corrupt your valuable files or software even can harm your computer and stops the smooth running of the program of your computer.

Norton as Avast

These days, Norton Anrivirus and Avast antivirus are two well known reputed antivirus software in the market. If you are looking for differences between the two then here it is.

Both Avast and Norton antivirus programs use same detection engine to detect the malicious program and send these to a cloud server to add in malicious programs.

If we talk about the performance of the both, then a test in 2017 shows that both the antivirus programs are able to block 100 percent of malicious software and keep your data secure.

According to a test taken in 2020, a Norton software can make your computer unnoticeable slow down performance as compare to Avast antivirus program. But the basic Avast antivirus can only be run in windows.